Di Caprio on no longer being the star of the biggest movie of all time

LOS ANGELES—Leonardo DiCaprio good-naturedly took a reporter’s reminder that he is “no longer the star of the highest grossing movie of all time.” Thanks—or no thanks to “Avatar”—Leonardo’s “Titanic” is not the all-time box-office champ anymore.

“Right,” acknowledged the actor with a smile in a recent interview at Le Parker Meridien in New York. “First off, I congratulate those guys,” he said of “Avatar” director, James Cameron, and his team. James, of course, also helmed Leonardo and Kate Winslet’s sinking-ship blockbuster.


“I didn’t really pay attention to all that until I read the headlines,” the actor admitted. “Hats off to them. I hope they make triple what ‘Titanic’ made. I was blessed to have ‘Titanic’ get financing because my name was attached to it. The movie had its run. And, new records will be broken. Time goes on. The rest of cinema will unfold before our eyes. I am a fan of ‘Avatar,’ and I thought it was great. As an audience member, I had a unique experience.”

Since “Titanic,” Leo continues to grow as an actor. His talent is being polished by his mentor, Martin Scorsese. Their partnership has given us four films: “Gangs of New York,” “The Aviator,” “The Departed,” and now, the thriller, “Shutter Island.”


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